Localization: video games, websites, software, apps.
(Favorite genres:  RPG, strategy, simulation, puzzle, adventure, fantasy, tower defense, platformer)

Translation: travel articles, blog posts, restaurant menus, general texts.

Testing & Quality Assurance: video games, websites, apps.
(I can currently test on iPhone, iPad, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, browser, Windows 7, Mac OSX, and a bunch of older consoles.)

Proofreading: all kinds of non-technical texts, and all of the above.

Maybe you have need of a linguistic service that is not listed here, a language pair I cannot offer, or require someone with a different field of expertise...
In that case, don't hesitate to ask me if I can help. I know quite a number of wonderful translators, game testers, and other linguists I could refer you to, especially in the video game industry.


The price of my services depends mainly (though not only) on the following factors:

  • type of desired service
  • difficulty & quality of text
  • deadline
  • word count

But the price also derives from numerous other factors. Every project is different, and listing all possibilities here would just go too far.

Quality over quantity

To justify the trust and payment you invest in me, I ensure that you get value for your money in the following ways:

I do extensive research and think about the best possible translation. I also reread my texts and reread them again to ensure that you don’t need to spend additional resources on proofreading and on finding text-bugs.

If you provide me with a build of the game, I play it before translating a word so I can get a feel of the game and get to know the characters — to know which style to use. I like to see my translation in-game to ensure the context is right and that there are no text overflows.

Every information you provide me with will be read, executed and valued. If needed, I will install the program that works best for you or switch to another operation system or console.

I want to make sure the game is as flawless as it can possibly be. If you are a video game developer that strives to make games that gamers enjoy, then you will appreciate my enthusiasm and attention to detail, especially if you don't have a team of localization testers who could clean after a sloppy, unhappy translator.

I have a pool of trusted colleagues to count on for big projects, additional proofreading, or in case of illness.

NB: I will never involve anyone into your project without your written approval.


If you are an indie developer with a great game that you put your heart into to create and want a quality German localization but do not have the budget of a big video game company — I might be happy to help you out with a special rate or service package. Don’t hesitate to talk to me and we can work something out. I would not want to withhold an awesome game from German players.